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 "mesh” is founded by two real estate enthusiasts — mark easterday and sabrina huang, husband and wife, partners and friends who have a passion for serving clients far beyond buying and selling a home — they include all aspects of home ownership! We are very fortunate to do what we love - everything related to Real Estate. 
We serve Santa Clara County Residential Real Estate (click on the map for bigger view), focus on Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Saratoga, Campbell, Los Gatos, West and South San Jose.  If you have needs for other cities in California or other States,  Residential and Commercial, even if you are looking for a retail business to buy or have one for sale, we would love to provide you with a great quality referral.
Clients who are ‘meshed-in’ believe that having a close relationship with a real estate consultant is as important as having a family doctor, dentist, lawyer, or CPA. They turn to the mesh network for any questions they have about home ownership – not just about “how is the market?” or “what is my home worth?”

mesh clients ask about 5 year investment projections for properties near local universities; or about what effect the new high-rise buildings in downtown San Jose will have on the local condo market.

mesh clients ask what the effect of a FED rate cut will have on them and when will it be the right time to buy or sell.

mesh clients ask to be introduced to a good agent in Boston to help Mom downsize into a more manageable home; or they call the mesh network, saying “I think my water heater is leaking, do you know someone who can help me fix it or find a replacement?”

These are average conversations that happen every day.

Who do you turn to?

mesh is your Real Estate Consultant for life.

Get “meshed-in” today!