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What is “mesh” all about?

Clients who are ‘meshed-in’ believe that having a close relationship with a real estate consultant is the same as having a family doctor, dentist, lawyer, or cpa. They turn to the mesh network for any questions they have about home ownership – not just about “how is the market?” or “what is my home worth?”

mesh clients ask about 5 year investment projections for properties near local universities; or about what effect the new high-rise buildings in downtown San Jose will have on the local condo market.

mesh clients ask to be introduced to good agent in Boston to help Mom downsize to a more manageable home; or they call the mesh network, saying “I think my water heater is leaking, do you know someone who can help me fix it or find a replacement?”

These are average conversations that happen every day. Who do you turn to?

"mesh" is founded by two real estate enthusiasts -- mark easterday and sabrina huang, husband and wife, partners and friends who have a passion for serving clients far beyond buying and selling a home -- they encompass all aspects of home ownership for life! 

mesh is your Real Estate Consultant for life.

Get “meshed-in” today!

When you join mesh you will have access to FREE listing alerts and other valuable information on the real estate market in your neighborhood. 

Debt-to-income Ratio:
When you apply for a mortgage, the lender looks at the amount of debt you will have relative to your income. Acceptable limits generally range from 33 to 40 percent.

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